energy Expert in poland: Wojciech Sztuba, Managing Partner at TPA in Poland

Energy in Poland- Interview with Wojciech Szt…

Investment Reports spoke with Polish Energy Expert Wojciech Sztuba about the energy market in Poland, trends and perspectives of...

22. November 2019

 World Oil Outlook of the OPEC

OPEC: World Oil Outlook 2040

The OPEC has published their World Oil Outlook (WOO) 2019. See what they expect from the energy demand in...

12. November 2019

 Scientist work worldwide climate labory science

Viewpoint: World Scientists’ Warning of a Cli…

Scientists have a moral obligation to clearly warn humanity of any catastrophic threat and to “tell it like it...

12. November 2019

Week for Future! Now!

Last Friday, September 20, 2019, the global Week for Future campaign for more climate protection began with global demonstrations....

26. September 2019

Switching to renewable energy helps the clima…

8. energy conference Energy Tomorrow At this year’s TPA “Energy Tomorrow” conference the focus was on progressive global warming...

9. May 2019

Presentations of Energy Tomorrow 2019

Download all Energy Tomorrow presentations from 2019: Energy Tomorrow Presentations of Energy Tomorrow 2019: Energy Tomorrow 2019 (German) Karin...

8. May 2019

 Energy Tomorrow 2019

Energy Tomorrow 2019 – Pictures

All pictures from Alexander Müller

30. April 2019

Topics & Speaker

How much progress are we really making with regards to climate protection and the energy revolution? What would we...

2. April 2019

Save the Date: 29 April 2019

What does the future of energy look like? Find out at Energy Tomorrow and discuss with experts face to...

19. February 2019

TPA experts at the UN Climate Change Conferen…

The 24. United Nations Climate Change Conference took place in December 2018 in Poland and is also known as...

13. February 2019

Save your seat!

The next Energy Tomorrow will be April 2020. The Registration will be opened on time.

Meanwhile, take your chance to meet with TPA experts face to face at various events and workshops by following the link!


Study: Real Estate Investments in Central Eastern …

Renewable Energy – Quo vadis?

Incentives for Energy Efficiency in CEE/SEE

Study: How expensive is work? Country comparison

Real Estate Taxation Austria

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The next Energy Tomorrow event will be held  April 2020 at the rooftop of the Ares Tower in Vienna.  It is located directly at the Danube, in the centre of the business and Tech City district, Wolke 19, on the top floor of the Ares Tower, offers a breath-taking panoramic view of the city and is an ideal location for Energy Tomorrow.


The TPA Group

As one of the leading tax advisory and auditing services companies in Central and South Eastern Europe, TPA would like to make a contribution to sustainable development with Energy Tomorrow: the renewable energy event for the CEE/SEE region.

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