re.comm 2020 – Rethink The Real Estate Business


November 2020
Kitzbühel, K3


re.comm 2020 – Rethink The Real Estate Business

20.11.2020 – 22.11.2020

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K3 in Kitzbühel

re.comm sees itself as a visionary and exclusive forum, ideas workshop and think tank, which provides impulses and conceptual approaches to up to 200 top players in the international real estate industry, preparing them for the future.
Real Estate Leaders Summit in Austria

The re.comm19 will take place in Kitzbühel from 20-22 November 2020. It invites guests to develop concepts, ideas and visions, to attain new food for thought, and to draw personal consequences with regard to one’s own actions, all with the help of high-quality speakers.

Topics of the real estate event – re.comm

The subject areas of re.comm are deliberately not fielt specific, but of general social relevance:

  • Economics
  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Science
  • Renewable Energy & Globalization

Details about the re.comm:

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Impressions of the re.comm

re.comm Teaser 2017

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