Matthias Nadrag


Energy community and tenant electricity –
Local energy markets as gamechangers



Matthias Nadrag has been active as an entrepreneur in the field of renewable energy since 2014. With an Austria-wide successful crowdfunding portal for photovoltaic plants on commercial, industrial and municipal infrastructure, he was able to convince more than 1,000 private individuals to invest in local energy generation and was nominated for the Innovation and Research Award of the Province of Carinthia for his efforts. Since 2018, the father of two energetic children has been dedicated to the collaborative use of renewable generation facilities. In 2021, he founded, a company that offers software-as-a-service for energy communities and tenant power. Thanks to minimal transaction costs, Nadrag says enixi is designed “for the bottom 99%.” He sees energy communities as social innovation and firmly believes that the kilowatt-hour produced closest to home is the cheapest in the long run.



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